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Typical hot chocolate is made from chocolate (or cocoa powder), milk and sugar. Chocolate contains theobromine and a small amount of caffeine, which are mild excitement substances that can stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and endorphins, which are inspiring and comfortable.

Among them, theobromine accounts for about 1.2% of the total chocolate composition, far exceeding the caffeine content (0.2%), and is the main stimulating ingredient in hot chocolate.
  For example, the dark chocolate we usually eat, a piece of 50 grams, the content of theobromine reaches 250 mg, while caffeine is only 10 to 60 mg

The most important components of hot cocoa are cocoa beans, moisture content 5.58%, fat 50.29%, nitrogen-containing substances 14.19%, theobromine 1.55%, other non-nitrogen substances 13.91%, starch 8.77%, crude fiber 4.93%, which contains ash Phosphoric acid 40.4%, potassium 31.28%, magnesium oxide 16.22%. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine and other nerve center excitatory substances and tannins, tannins have a great relationship with the color, aroma, and taste of chocolate. Among them, theobromine and caffeine can stimulate the cerebral cortex, eliminate drowsiness, enhance touch and thinking ability, and adjust the heart function, and also have the effect of dilating kidney blood vessels and diuresis.

The cocoa bean pieces obtained by fermentation, coarse crushing, peeling and other processes of cocoa beans are powdered after being defatted and crushed from the cocoa cake, which is cocoa powder. It is mostly used in the production of coffee, chocolate, and beverages, and is also an important ingredient in chocolate cake making.

Chocolate is rich in phenethylamine and magnesium. These two substances play an important role in the regulation of human emotions. Therefore, in addition to a refreshing, hot chocolate can also make people feel euphoric, drive away gray emotions and relieve stress. Coffee does not have this special effect.
  In addition, hot chocolate is also a nutritious drink. It itself contains more minerals, vitamin B2 and polyphenols that are beneficial to human health, and the added sugar and milk also increase the content of calories, high-quality protein, and calcium.

However, because hot chocolate is rich in nutrition, many people are worried that it will lead to obesity.
Compared to coffee, hot chocolate will have a higher calorie.

Depending on the number of raw materials, the calories of hot chocolate will also be different.
It can be seen that if there is no increase in physical activity, it is a matter of time before and after drinking a lot of hot chocolate to become obese. But if we drink a cup of hot chocolate a day while maintaining a certain amount of exercise, we can enjoy delicious food without harming our health.

Hot chocolate, in addition to added sugar and milk, contains calories, chocolate itself is also a high-calorie food.

A cup of hot chocolate contains about 418 to 627 kilojoules (100 to 150 kilocalories), which is equivalent to 30 to 40 grams of rice.

Hot chocolate mug,

Hot chocolate png,

Hot chocolate png

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