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mcdonalds hot chocolate,

Extra tasty on a cold winter day: a hot chocolate from McDonald’s .

Nutritional information


  • Energy:
  • Energy:
  • Fat:
  • Saturated fatty acids:
  • Carbohydrates:
  • Sugars:
  • Fiber:
  • Protein:
  • Salt:
Ingredients and allergens
Hot Choco

Hotcemel powder, Water, Sustainable Milk

Contains: Soy, Milk

hot chocolate based on warm milk, accompanied by a generous layer of whipped cream and a dash of chocolate syrup.

Calories 14%
280 kcal
1173 kJ
Fats 19%
13 g
Saturated fats 47%
9.5 g
Sugar 34%
30 g
salt 8%
                                                                    PER 100G                      PER PRODUCT                    REFERENCE 
Energy 458kJ 1173kJ 14%
109kcal 280 kcal 14%
Fats 5.1g 13 g 19%
Saturated fats 3.7g 9.5 g 47%
Carbohydrates 12g 31 g 12%
Sugar 12g 30 g 34%
Fiber 0.5g 1.3 g
Protein 3.6g 9.2 g 18%
salt 0.18g 0.46 g 8%

hot chocolate bomb,

The Chocolate Bomb. Chocolate bomb for chocolate milk. Ball of chocolate to throw into a cup of hot milk. Chocolate ball filled with mini marshmallows.

Milk chocolate to make hot chocolate with. The Chocolate Bomb is made from 35 grams of chocolate and is filled with mini marshmallows.

polar express hot chocolate

Polar Express Hot Chocolate is a creamy, sweet hot chocolate perfect for Christmas! Serve immediately or keep warm in a crockpot.

On the same date every year. Her tree has risen, and we hope she has started shopping at Christmas, and Elf on the Shelf makes snow angels with powdered sugar while her kids sleep (at least that’s what mine does tonight).

This is also the time of year to unconsciously reevaluate your friends. You go to your list of Christmas cards and decide who is inside … and who is outside. He may not speak for years, but his bond remains strong. Or are there some people who think, “How long will we keep doing this?” Do I really need to send an aunt to my cousin that I met ten years ago?

With everyone tightening their financial belt, it’s time to decide if this relationship is worth a stamp or is it time to cut the tie?

Then there are new friendships made throughout the year to add to the list. And you all know that you keep a handful of extra ones for December for when you get a card from someone and realize you’ve totally spaced them. 

But it’s also that time of year to make some magic. My kids got so excited when I told them we were making Polar Express Hot Chocolate. Creamy and completely decadent, just the way Polar Express Hot Chocolate should be. Curl up with this and watch some Christmas classics.

You could even double down and drink this with some Hot Chocolate Cookies.

hot chocolate bombs,

by here lovers of hot chocolate! hot chocolate comes in a form of ball full with chocolate milk or dark chocolate 70% cocoa, a hint of sugar and a large homemade marshmallow.

The instructions for use are very simple: heat up your cup of milk and drop the hot chocolate ball on it. Wait, mix, enjoy! Try it with your favorite plant milk or latte coffee to create the perfect mochaccino.

Box of 2. Weight 45g

Chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk and powder, soy lecithin, vanilla), cocoa powder, natural cane sugar, homemade marshmallows (cane sugar, egg white, gelatin, corn starch ). Contains Egg, soy. May contain

land o lakes hot chocolate,

land o lakes hot chocolate is the best brand in chocolate and its flavors, I have some land o lakes chocolate pictures. you can visit the land o lakes site for more info…


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