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hot chocolate clip art

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special spice blend for mulled wine preparation, based on high quality natural ingredients: cinnamon, badiane, ginger, coriander, Jamaican-type chilli.

Mulled wine is a drink that has existed since the dawn of time, which was at the time served at major ceremonies for its digestive properties.

Mulled wine is usually made from red wine, citrus and spices

a drink consumed during the winter especially when approaching the Christmas holidays.

Our blend of spices to make a homemade mulled wine is very simple to use, just add the recommended dose of spices (i.e. one teaspoon per person) to 

your mulled wine/citrus blend and make it simmer. Serve warm and you can decorate it with a cinnamon stick, a star anise and/or a slice of citrus.

starbucks hot chocolate calories

473 kal 

nutritional information
Carbohydrates53 g
Dietary fiber- g
Sugar47 g
Fat18 g
Saturated12 g
Polyunsaturated- g
Monounsaturated- g
Trans- g
Protein18 g
Sodium207 mg
Potassium- mg
Cholesterol- mg
Vitamin A- %
Vitamin C- %
Calcium- %
Iron- %

The percentages are based on a 2000 calorie a day diet.

Activity necessary to burn:

473 calories

hot chocolate every 1’s a winner
Every 1’s a Winner” is the third single from the 1978 Hot Chocolate album of the same name. The single was released on 4 March 1978 on RAK Records in the UK and Infinity Records in the US. It peaked at #12 on the UK Singles Chart and #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100; it was the band’s second-highest charting single in the US, behind “You Sexy Thing”.

Weekly charts

Chart (1978-79) Peak
Australia (Kent Music Report) 12
Belgium 29
Canada RPM Top Singles 5
Germany 14
Ireland (IRMA) 11
Netherlands 10
UK  12
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 6
U.S. Billboard R&B
U.S. Cash Box Top 100 7

Year-end charts

Chart (1979) Rank
Australia  69
Canada  44
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 55
U.S. Cash Box  60

Hot Chocolate ‎– Every 1’s A Winner

RAK ‎– 1C 006-60 501, EMI Electrola ‎– 1C 006-60 501
Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Funk / Soul
Funk, Disco

white hot chocolate mixes

Hot chocolate is a favorite wintertime treat, perfect to enjoy fireside or after a few turns on the ice rink. We are most familiar with a dark or milk chocolate drink, but for something different and just as delicious, try a white chocolate version of this hot, comforting beverage. It is not only sweet and satisfying but also a cute, little (inexpensive) present to give at holiday time; put the hot chocolate mix in a clear bag, tie with a ribbon, and match with some pretty mugs, stirring spoons, and napkins, all snug in a gift basket.


  • 6 cups grated white chocolate
  • 3 (3-ounce) packages white chocolate pudding mix
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla powder
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons dried orange peel (finely ground, if desired)
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • Optional: Whipped cream, cocoa powder, cinnamon, candy canes (crushed or whole)

Steps to Make It

  1. In a small bowl, make the white hot chocolate mix. Combine the white chocolate, pudding mix, vanilla powder, and orange peel. 

  2. In a small saucepan, heat the milk until bubbles form around the edges and steam rises from the surface. Don’t let the milk simmer or boil.

  3. Add the white hot chocolate mix to the milk and whisk until the chocolate is melted and the beverage is blended.

  4. Pour into individual mugs. If desired, garnish with whipped cream, a sprinkling of cocoa powder or ground cinnamon, or crushed or whole candy canes. Serve immediately.

    Recipe Tips

This recipe is really decadent and delicious because white chocolate has a low melting point. In fact, it softens at body temperature, around 98 F. That is why it has such a luxurious mouthfeel.

But because of this low melting point, the white chocolate can turn into a puree when grating it. Freezing the chocolate will help keep it from getting too soft. To easily grate the chocolate, freeze it first, and then grate it on the fine side of a grater. Alternatively, you can cut the frozen chocolate into fairly small pieces and then grind in a blender or food processor.

If you’d like to make the hot chocolate mix to use later or give as gifts, you can store the mix for future use in an airtight container in a cool dark place.


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